Frigg A-Go-Go

Frigg A-Go-Go

The Winning Score

Scooch Pooch

Sometimes familiarity can be the most rewarding meal ticket in music, especially when it’s coated in generous amounts of attitude. In Frigg A-Go-Go’s case, that attitude’s of the ass-kicking, alluringly misogynist variety, and the familiar sound is organ/amphetamine-driven mod-rock, the whole fuzz-soaked freak-out being The Winning Score . Shimmying like thirty-some years haven’t passed since the mid-’60s, Frigg A-Go-Go find past corollaries in the Creation if they swiped ? and the Mysterians’ organist, present ones in the Insomniacs copping more attitude than the Makers (and that’s a shitload ) – think the absolutely essential Back From the Grave compilations and you’re really cooking. But The Winning Score isn’t all garage-sale clamor: When his bandmates dip the volume a notch, Sir Critian Leo’s organ gives more lilt to their effectively simple melodies, hinting that there might be more to the band than drinkin’ with the lads and oglin’ girls. Then again, most of the best rock ‘n’ roll is essentially just that – sound familiar?

Scooch Pooch, 5850 West 3rd St., Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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