Goddess of Desire

Goddess of Desire

Symbol of Triumph

Metal Blade

As much of a proponent of heavy metal’s aesthetics as I am, there’s absolutely no way I could not laugh at the cover of Goddess of Desire’s Symbol of Triumph : I mean, it’s like the mid ’80s all over again! And for the most part, Goddess of Desire pretty much is that era all over again – that is, the thrash contingent of it. The only factor that sets the band apart from any other pale contender to the throne of Hellhammer/early-Celtic Frost-worship is the album’s booming production, courtesy of Metal Blade’s comfy budget; that, and the band’s ambiguous addition of two buxom lasses to the fold, both of whom seemingly don’t play any instruments – well, conventional ones, anyways (skin flute, ladies?). Sure, Goddess of Desire can come tastefully close to Ace of Spades -era Motorhead, but is the former truly a symbol of triumph? Please, entertain me with your answers, just like the cover and those two metal playmates do.

Metal Blade Records, 2828 Cochran St., Suite 302, Simi Valley, CA 93065-2793; http://www.metalblade.com

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