Hot Stove Jimmy

Hot Stove Jimmy

Theme for a Major Hit

Jump Up!/Victory

Hot Stove Jimmy is an audible tragedy. A sloppy conglomerate of ska, punk, metal and hardcore, the Chicago outfit sounds like MU330 and Earth Crisis got together and got angry. They’re loud, they’re incomprehensible, and they mix so many genres that fans of any of them are sure to find a laundry list of disgraces. Lyrically, the album is a confused mix of melancholy rage, and all words are either screamed or spoken in a ridiculously creepy fashion. Theme For a Major Hit was engineered by Steve Albini, the man behind Bush and Nirvana, which might explain its rawness, but doesn’t excuse its absolute absence of quality. Frankly, there’s too much on Hot Stove Jimmy’s plate, and it simply tastes bad.

Jump Up! Records, P.O. Box 13189, Chicago, IL 60613;

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