…can’t buy mojo.

Big Johns

Seven live tracks from Jennyanykind, a rock band that’s forged its own sound in a time of ready-made clichés. Gathering titles from their career, …can’t buy mojo. clearly shows the band’s unique sound, a sort of rolling groove topped with soulful guitar and loping bass. Michael Holland’s honest voice delivers soul-searching lyrics with rare directness. Credits are sparse, so I couldn’t tell you for sure when this took place other than some summer night, but it must have certainly been cooking in there — Jennyanykind’s power trio sound is augmented by a keyboard player that adds juicy slabs of electric piano and organ. The sound is a bit lacking sometimes (hey, it’s a live recording), but the band’s clear-eyed charm shines through it all. Expect a new album from Jennyanykind in the spring — in the meantime, nod your head along to this.

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