Luke Slater

Luke Slater



Electro just the way I like it: hard. Luke Slater not only brings in the noise and the funk, but also does it at an almost ear-splitting level of intensity. The beats on this CD are damn near bruising.

Not only is it hard and fast, it’s also detailed and intricate. Behind the beats are always interesting stereo tricks, subtle variations in tone and timbre and tricky melodies. The melodies are never very pronounced though; they mainly serve to temper the raging intensity of the beats and breaks. There are also plenty of vocoders on the album, which make me a happy happy camper.

The first half of Wireless is, for the most part, quick and thumping. The beats are bumpin’ and the house is rockin’. “You Butterfly” slows things down. Do not think of this as a relent of any sort though. The beats here are akin in intensity to Ice, Techno Animal, and Scorn. Soon after follows “All Exhale,” the leadoff single of the album. It’s guaranteed to pack the floors. The CD ends on a quiet note, “Weave Your Web” and “Out The Pocket” are both soft and melodic numbers.

Luke Slater rocks. If anything, this bears a stronger resemblance to rock music than much contemporary beat based music. It’s loud, fast and bumpin’. What more do you need? Well…

Mute Records, 140 W. 22nd Street, Suite 10A, New York, NY 10011;

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