Mothballs vol.1

Mothballs vol.1

Various Artists


This is the newest 7″ comp on Scottish indie electronic label Mouthmoth. The tracks here by Frog Pocket, Ayr Unit, Asterisk, and Snotra cover some of the sprawling mess that is electronic music these days.

First off is Frog Pocket with “Egg Hoek.” This sounds to me like it has something to do with Ren & Stimpy , which instantly endears it to me. Bizarre sequenced squelches, thumps, and flat out weird sounds. Ayr Unit kick it in next with a lo-fi-ish drill ‘n bass tune that is over far to quickly. On the flip side is Asterisk and Snotra. Asterisk present a track with strong Boards of Canada melodicisms over drums that just won’t stay on beat. The drums are not attributed to sloppy playing though, they sound very deliberate. It keeps one on his toes. Even though the records is a 45, I like to play this at 33; it gives the track a fuller tone. Snotra close it out with a Scottish fellow’s monologue over cluncks and thwops. Very nice.

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