Full Speed Ahead


Pain is a horribly catchy eight-piece music group with a horn section, a goofy and uplifting and dashing concoction that sounds something like a twisted relative of They Might Be Giants. Punchy and rhythmic in something of a non-stop energetic flow of musical excitement, Full Speed Ahead , their fourth release, flaunts yet another collection of overly clever songs sung with an air of dorky confidence. Truly a stupendous feat, the ingeniously original lyrics are presented in such a fashion that they’re catchier and more sing-a-long friendly than a preschool nursery rhyme, all the while still maintaining the jocund maturity of a well-crafted pop song.

The musical backbone that is Pain is more like a steady stream of light-hearted pop/pop-punk with distorted guitar, piano and brass interjections, but the songs play like feel-good jingles for anything from rocket ships to the Argonauts. Stories and ruminations stream out of the wonderful fourteen tracks on Full Speed Ahead , all latching themselves onto your brain like a broken record that magically becomes more engaging with each revolution.

Pain is like a shining beacon of sweet candy for the ear, paving the road with a sound so distinctly theirs but utterly familiar and user-friendly. Simple yet intricate, Full Speed Ahead is a brilliant drive-your-car-fast, raise-your-glass and sing-a-long album filled with pure fun energy and a brush of intelligence. And it’s worth every penny.

Vegas Records, P.O. Box 2175, Newport Beach, CA 92659

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