Robert Paredes

Robert Paredes

Forgetting and Remembering


Forgetting and Remembering is an album of two works by composer/improviser Robert Paredes. The two pieces on this CD reconcile both aspects of Paredes’ musical persona.

The first track, Forgetting and Remembering is an improvisation for clarinet. This improvisation is unlike most improvisations, insofar as it is Paredes improvising with himself. In a period of 8 days, Paredes recorded one half-hour track of clarinet onto the tape each day. He did this without listening to the previous days’ improvs. Hence the title, Forgetting and Remembering . Often works based on a strong conceptual basis end up failing (or so I’m told), but this piece is very listenable even without knowledge of the concept. The interaction of the improvs is so natural that I was surprised at the concept when I read about it.

The second half of the CD consists of a tape piece done in the “old style” called “[in every moment {of] decay} ” This piece essentially works on 3 levels, or “arcs.” The micro level consists of a group of chattering saxes, clarinet, electronics, and “assorted noise makers.” The middle level consists of a breathing gritty, electronic breathing. The macro level is the entire piece, which starts out thick and dense, and halfway through becomes quiet and meditative.

Forgetting and Remembering contrasts two styles of academic music in an accessible and memorable manner, and so, is very recommended.

American Composer’s Forum, 332 Minnesota Street, E-145, Saint Paul, MN 55101;

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