S.O.D./ Yellow Machinegun

S.O.D./ Yellow Machinegun

Split 7″

Howling Bull America

I’ll start with Yellow Machinegun. They are from Japan, they are a 3 piece, and they are all gals who love to play music to the extreme. I think they got a whiff of that uranium that was floating in the air over there, because these gals have enough energy to fuel all of Tokyo and beyond. They mix punk with angry metal into a highly combustible fusion. Think early Venom, but with a sharper edge!

Then, there’s S.O.D. on the flip side with “Seasoning the Obese.” This is my first taste of the reunited S.O.D., and it tastes mighty good. Sounding like early Sepultura/Slayer, “Seasoning the Obese” brings a big grin to my face. I mean, would you expect anything less from the grand-daddy’s of twisted, sarcastic, in-your-face metal. SOD is never a rip-off, but they are the only ones who can spoof Slayer lyrics: “Do You Want to Fry?” What are you waiting for-get this now!!!

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