ST 37

ST 37

I Love to Talk, If There’s Anything to Talk About

Emperor Jones

Pink Floyd’s ghost has passed on and was reborn in….Texas?! No, not really, but ST 37 do the western psychedelia thing in a way that makes me think so.

There is certainly a geographical influence on their music. Some of the long-form pieces mirror the wide-open Texas landscape. The shorter songs have a decided “twang” to them. Plus, there is not one, but two lap steel guitars!

True to the psych tradition, there is one 15+ minute drony jam, “Palpable,” filled with disembodied voices, flanged guitars, meandering rhythms, and all around freakout fodder. Next comes “Discorporate,” which, in about half the time wraps your head around some watery melodies, hazy clouds of effects, and droning vocals. All

of this spacey droning in no way implies that ST 37 cannot rock. “Whistling in Hell” proves this. The most experimental track on the CD is “William S. Burroughs Memorial Drum Loops,” which is very Tribes of Nerot-esque. I’m assuming they tried to make it Master Musicians of Jajouka-esque, but it comes of sounding very much like Tribes of Neurot.

Very cool and decidedly “out.”

Trance Syndicate, P.O. Box 49771, Austin, TX 78765

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