Sue Garner and Rick Brown

Sue Garner and Rick Brown


Thrill Jockey

A dense and complicated release. I’m still trying to fit my head around it, and it’s like trying to wrap a bowling ball with a handkerchief. Garner and Brown invite their friends in — Chris Stamey, Tara Keu and Douglas McCombs — but this is more than the pieces the players bring to the game. “It’s So Hard” uses low-pitched vocals and a menacing bass to make for a moment of velvety tension. “Swimmingly” lays a handful of hi-charged guitar chording and Garner’s casual vocals on top of a squiggly rhythm. Still is an album that draws me in and through without actually revealing its inner clockworks. I can’t say I get it, but I definitely like it.

Thrill Jockey Records, Box 476794, Chicago, IL 60647

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