Sybarite makes it look easy. Their brand of electronic music is light and breezy, but not simplistic. Xian Hawkins employs downtempo rhythms, airy synths, and warm guitar lines create the wonderfulness that it Sybarite. The guitar is the element, which differentiates Sybarites music from other electronic musics. The tunes are light, but also have a slight melancholy and wistful tinge. This is perfect walk on the boardwalk in the fading afternoon light music. Both the songs on this single are similar in style, with “invisible magnetic missive” a touch more gentle. The guitar plays as prominent a mole in constructing the melody, which gives the music an organic, earthy style. It’s in a limited edition of 490 copies, and on white vinyl. Grab it before you hear it on your friends’ turntable and feel like an ass.

Emanate Records, PMB #402, 2342 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704

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