Tara Jane O’Neil

Tara Jane O’Neil



Tara Jane O’Neil flat gets around. She’s been in Rodan, Retsin, and had the lead in the film Half-Cocked . She is consistently one of the more intriguing people in music. Now she’s got a new solo album out. Peregrine is as you would expect, a sonic journey through the guitar. Tara Jane O’Neil, very much like Azalia Snail, creates poetry through her guitar. Drums, violin, banjo, and piano, as well as several people contributing additional vocals help to round out her songs. This album was recorded in her apartment and the apartments of friends, so it has a decidedly D.I.Y. feel. Tara Jane’s stuff may not be for all tastes, and is at time somewhat challenging, but the challenge has lovely rewards.

Quarterstick Records, PO Box 25342, Chicago, IL 60625

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