The Coldspot 8

The Coldspot 8

It’s The Feelgood


Awwwww yeah! It’s an auspicious full-length debut for one of the best ska bands in Florida, Orlando’s incredible Coldspot 8. The more I listen to this record, the more I dig it. John Pinto’s smooth alto voice soars over the bands catchy, R&B-influenced tunes, providing the perfect counterpoint for Kyle Jones’ rumbling, loping basswork. That’s not to slight the other musicians – everyone makes an important contribution, and Phil Rupperto’s driving percussion, Brian Mandarin’s skitterish yet smooth guitar, Alfredo “Jr.” Lapuz’s accentuating keys, and the jazzy, punctuating horn section are all key elements of the band’s sound – but Pinto and Jones dominate the tracks, providing the tasty hooks that keep bringing me back for more. In a sense, the band is taking the same approach as the great Deal’s Gone Bad (see review elsewhere this issue), but with maturity and finesse, Coldspot has mastered that which DGB already does very, very well, and are taking the sound to the next level. The result is an album that definitely lives up to its odd-sounding title – once you hear this record, you’ll know what the Feelgood is, and you won’t be able to deny that the Coldspot 8 are it. Favorites include “What’s Coming to You,” “Stand Off,” “Rough & Tough,” and “You Gotta Work.” Also noteworthy are “Sound of Sitkara” and “I Can’t Explain,” which return in killer dub versions at the album’s close. Another feather in Beatville’s already impressive cap (damn, that thing’s starting to look like a headdress!).

Beatville Records LLC, P.O. Box 42462, Washington, DC 20015;,

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