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Not the Worst of Discount Comedy Outlet

Starring Brian Bradley, Peter Hurtgen, Audrey Kearns, and Anita Pritchard

Zoe & Company, Maitland, FL

Let’s flip though the re-run channels and see what’s on tonight – oh, look! The DCO’s Greatest Hits Package is available from K-Tel, and it’s packed with goodies! There’s the hilarious Recruitment Center Sketch, with Brian convincing Peter to sign up for homo training. Sure, it’s expensive being gay, but look at the fab digs you get, plus there is financial aid available, not to mention the work study program. It’s not just an adventure, its a lifestyle.

Then there’s the Blood Cult of Absolute Perfection, with pledge Brian about to get his noggin lopped, until Oh So Miss Perfect Audrey makes her own boo-boo. Perfect. Yeah, right. And let’s not forget some expert marriage counseling as Mr. & Mrs. Nostradamus work through some problems, like his insistence on being correct EVERY SINGLE TIME. Wives absolutely hate this. Ask mine. It’s the trouble if you marry a psychic.

Marriage isn’t a problem for the two always popular, always smoking Long Island Goils. They’ve come out to the cow pasture with hopes of seeing the Blessed Virgin and some men with tight abs and butts. They’ve brought that special drink – everything in the back of the liquor cabinet, all mixed together. Pretty tasty, and when BVM finally does show, she pointedly mentions that both Sandy and Marie are skanks, and would they please not wear the vinyl pants?

Wrapping up this package of Guffawing to the Oldies brings us to the Trek -con-fab-o-rama, with guys geekier than I ever was arguing about the Stardate in episode 27 and doing better than life Shatners. Can Trekkies get sex? Would they know what to do with it if they had it? Could they trade it for a dilithium crystal upgrade?

The people spoke, DCO did a little creative recycling, and some of us picked up on a few sketches we missed first time around. Cheap? Heck, yeah, even for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Phone now.

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