Teen Steam

Feature by Phil Bailey

Teen Steam

Throughout the history of rock music, there have been teen idols and sex symbols. The rules have generally been that young teen idols are innocent, and sex symbols have been very much adults. In recent years though, teen idols have gotten much sexier much earlier, until we have the ultimate Lolita sex symbol, pedophilia poster child Britney Spears.

Britney first burst onto the scene and into the public consciousness over a year ago with her video for the song “Baby One More Time.” In the video, she sports an outfit straight out of the fantasy of a grown man with a serious Lolita complex. She dances provocatively in the halls of a high school in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform with an exposed push-up bra.

Since that song and video took off, Miss Spears has been the subject of a national obsession. She has been voted one of the sexiest women alive, appeared at award shows wearing next to nothing, posed for raunchy photos in Rolling Stone , and made increasingly sexual videos. The girl has also been the subject of a national debate over whether or not she had gotten breast implants, because her breasts seemed to suddenly get bigger. Gee, whoever heard of a teenaged girl experiencing breast growth? Britney even has a doll of her wearing the outfit from her “Baby One More Time” video, complete with pink nylon panties.

It seems as if pedophilia has gone mainstream, considering all of this is about a girl who only recently turned eighteen. Not even counting the freaks on the Internet that are pasting Britney’s head on the bodies of porn models, there seems to be an unnatural fixation on this teenaged girl. In USA Weekend , there was recently a big piece about Britney turning 18. In the first mention of her turning 18, they comment that she is now old enough to legally pose for Playboy . Pose for Playboy — not old enough to vote, but old enough to pose for Playboy . There is something really whacked about that. That’s something you might expect in a newsgroup, but not in something as middle America as USA Weekend .

I can’t imagine Britney’s parents allowing this kind of exploitation of their own daughter, but I guess they don’t want to rock the gravy train. I mean, if Monica Lewinsky’s father could swell with pride that his little girl was giving blow jobs to the President, then what are some sexual fantasies involving your 17 year old girl? One can only hope that our sex symbols don’t get any younger, or our society may well be in danger.

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