Alien Monkey Love

Alien Monkey Love

Louder Than Dead

I Saw It First

What started as such a great idea — a benefit for folks injured in hot water and glass explosions (“Bong Blowup” to you), featuring the cream of the sludge/stoner rock movement — sadly to say has resulted in this wretched mish-mash of crap. Hell, out of the 12 cuts on the disc, you can understand the words on almost 7 of them, which kinda defeats the point of singing sub-basso, don’t it? Members of Pantera, Orange Crush Nation, and Raging Slab come together on a remake of “Don’t Rock the Jukebox,” and I had to turn the bass way up and the treble off just to make it sound right! I don’t think reforming Hawkwind was such a great idea either — does the world need a sludge remake of “Come on Get Stupid” (the Partridge Family song)? In fact, the only good cut is “Wildman in Kosovo (DLB Is Kickin’ Ass)” about some crazy engineer in a warzone, with all the former members of Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Christian Death, and Guided by Voices (173 people in all) doin’ it slow and loud. Hell, download the MP3 of that and diss the rest.

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