There isn’t much to be said about Christian Renou’s work that hasn’t been said in hundreds of reviews before. Renou is a very prolific French musique concrete composer/sound organizer who has been releasing CDs and cassettes worldwide for what must be more than a decade now. Renou is remarkable because he engages in elaborate concrete compositions without the academic pretension that surrounds much of the work in this style.

On Kreig , Renou goes for a more fragmented approach than his recent work on Normal and Drafts Of Collisions . The rhythms on those albums are virtually nonexistent. On these 5 tracks (which total about an hour) he creates an active, jumpy tape montage. These compositions are always moving and shifting with rapid-fire cuts and scrapes. “Un Terrain Vraiment Vague” features some dense, coarse textures that cut in and out of what sounds like field recordings. “Mass Matic” uses monstrous, suffocated gaseous clouds what obfuscate clanking machinery.

Krieg is yet another wonderful album by the ubiquitous Renou. It is packaged in the distinctive Intransitive textured cardboard sleeve. This is as good a place as any to start, and it should be relatively easy to get, considering it is a domestic release.

Intransative Records, P.O. Box 391151, Cambridge, MA 02139;

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