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Capitol Radio

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Capitol Radio

This is a compilation of bands representing the playlist of a weekly radio show in D.C. focusing on punk and hardcore. Unreleased songs from Lickity Split, Pietasters, the Traitors, the Spoilers and United 121. Favorites include the Traitors song and previously released stuff from Hot Water Music, Kid Dynamite, the Monorchid, and the Showcase Showdown.

It can be kind of annoying to listen to at times because the songs bleed into one another and are separated here and there by radio station bumpers. Bumpers that bleed as well. I suppose it’s meant to make it feel more like you’re listening to a radio show, but, frankly, that aspect of this sucks.

There are about ten minutes of interview excerpts and radio banter included at the end. The banter isn’t all that interesting out of context. The interviews are somewhat interesting but tend to be much, much too brief. And the annoying aspect of this segment is the beat-driven music thrown behind it all.

A good idea from what seems to be a pretty cool radio program, but I wasn’t all that impressed with some of the choices they made regarding presentation. The interview excerpts weren’t long enough to really get much out of, but seemed to be included more to show off who they managed to get on the phone. Meanwhile the chatter between hosts seemed very self-indulgent. Maybe people in the listening audience who are familiar with the personalities involved would feel differently.

Capitol Radio Records, P.O. Box 229, Arlington, VA 22210

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