Cincinnati Music

Cincinnati Music

Volume 4

Deary Me

For about a year now, I’ve been telling people I think Cincinnati has got something going on, based on a string of outstanding acts I’ve been hearing from the area. This compilation is the telling hour, a collection of seventeen Queen City bands. The selections lean towards the rock side of things (as opposed to say, the dance side of things), but there’s still enough variety and ingenuity to strike a chord of interest in just about anyone, with many high points. Ass Ponys’ “Big As A Hat” has a rootsy sound with a catchy chorus. Chalk’s “Zero” is a sharp buzzing fuzz attack with vocals from the next room. Love America’s “Butterfly” is a sort of stoned-out Soundgarden, if you can believe that. Lets Crash’s “Get In The Bushes” is a cheerleading chant that comes across as equal parts threat and invitation. And the closing “Chuma Finds a Baby” (by the Charming Turtlenecks) is a bossa nova lullaby filled with twinkling guitars. Super good — put it on spaghetti.

Deary Me Records, P.O. Box 19315, Cincinnati, OH 45219;

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