Cobra Killer

Cobra Killer

Cobra Killer

Digital Hardcore

Collaged samples and sounds get looped and pushed well into the red. There are beats and rhythms that give you some sense of a basic framework structure, but it’s a rickety thing and quite chaotic around the edges. Everything seems ready to fall apart at any time. An array of small fragments of songs are used as construction fodder, sampled and looped in an oddly jittery patchwork style. Good luck identifying their original sources. Recontextualizing is fun. Some songs have Gina D’Orio and Annika scratching some vocals out of the mushy fingerpainted noisy goop. Good luck figuring out what the hell they’re going on about. Playfully noisy clamor, rhythmic and repetitive.

Digital Hardcore Recordings, 30 Dean St., London W1V 5AN , UK ;

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