Critters Buggin

Critters Buggin



To sum this record up in one word, I would have to say “shimmering.” To use a clumsy metaphor, Amoeba is the sound of mutation, but in a planetary, ecosystem kind of way. I’m talking about plate tectonics, polar icecaps melting, forests blooming from deserts and in turn playing host to constantly evolving organisms. Amoeba and protozoa leave the protective ocean, and crawl up onto the beach, dinosaurs live and die, lizards gracefully transform into birds, all before our eyes. It’s a strange and wonderful process, just like the elliptical music of Critters Buggin. More of a Nova documentary than a dancefloor smash, and that’s just fine with me.

Loosegroove, 501 N. 36th St., Suite 407, Seattle, WA 98103;

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