Crooked Fingers

Crooked Fingers

Crooked Fingers


This album is so beautiful. Every time I listen to it, I get shivers. Eric Bachmann moves deeper into my heart with this album that feels like a continuation of the best song on White Trash Heroes . From the Archers Of Loaf to this is like from here to heaven, if here was next to heaven. The songwriting is delicious, the music is mouth watering. Like a shot of whiskey down your throat, smoother than satin, and with more style than Tom Waits’ shoes. I sing along, I drift on the guitars, I dream about the drums. Add in the lap steel and the violin, and it’s heart touched oceanic rock and roll with bittersweet rhythms and poetry between all of the notes. It’s not happy music, but it makes me feel ecstatic.

Warm, PO Box 1423, Athens, GA 30603

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