Crash Diagnostic

New American Dream

Discount once again take a leap forward in growth and sound. What was once rather straightforward pop-punk is becoming increasingly less easy to define. The essence is intact — at its core, this is still totally Discount — but influences have been absorbed and incorporated. Pop and punk are still key ingredients, but lob a chunk of D.C. post-hardcore style in there as well, and mix it all up differently. Stronger, catchier songs, more confident and mature.

Crash Diagnostic is a marriage of balances. Some songs bounce off the walls while others get reined in a bit. Tensions permeate the structures while retaining a fluid sense of song. Nuances are more fully explored, both within the songs themselves and between the players. Alison’s lyrics again provide sparks to get the thoughts rolling instead of spelling everything out, making it that much more interactive and personal.

What this all means is that once again I am very impressed by what Discount have put together. These are by far the best songs they have written. Perfect for thinking, dancing, singing, and being fascinated.

There is a fat, gorgeous, full color booklet to page through with artwork and lyrics, which is always nice. A suitable complement that beautifully accentuates a great record. If indeed they must bring the band to a close, they couldn’t have picked a better note to end it on.

New American Dream, P.O. Box 245, Balboa Island, CA 92662;,

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