Folk Implosion

Folk Implosion

One Part Lullaby


John Davis and Lou Barlow are not the first, or the greatest, usurpers of beats, making indie pop malleable and atypically palatable. Folk Implosion immerse themselves in the lullabies of changing times, partners, and ideologies. That’s honest, fer sure. Still. One Part Lullaby is not as neat a Scotch as I’d expected. Barlow’s vocals are most suited to the modus operandi. Davis is as rhythmic and knowing a guitarist as needed. And these young men incorporate a plethora of additional instrumentation to make their programmed drums and samples more obscure, but is that so clever? Conviction may be the missing link.

OK, one hundred words into this, I’m gonna backpedal a bit; “Merry-Go-Down” recycles a mantric melody line, with backwards guitar and nice and naughty notions. And while Serge Gainsbourg is as ubiquitous as millionaires in Monterey, the Implosion number “Serge” is the stuff of Chinese eyes, slow make-out sessions, and the drift into sleep.

Interscope Records, P.O. Box 1621, Burbank, CA 91507

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