No Idea

I’ve loved everything I’ve heard by this band over the years, which admittedly hasn’t been too much — only six songs until now. I had no clue they had released an LP. I had no clue what had happened to them or who they were or anything about them. Therefore, I’m pretty excited about this discography. This includes the LP (their best stuff), both seven inches, and two demo songs. Plus pictures, some liner notes, lyrics — they all help fill in the blanks a little.

I first heard Fracture on the Shreds Vol. 1 comp on Shredder Records. I put that song (“Babbling”) on so many comp tapes I would make people years ago. Later, I found their first seven inch in a used bin for fifty cents. I was thrilled. It was bought.

Fast forward a bunch of years. Atom & His Package’s A Society of People Named Elihu was in the CD player, which included Fracture’s “No Way DNA” at the end. I found myself digging through my record collection and checking liner notes. Indeed, it was the same Fracture. An invitation for someone to re-release those old Fracture songs was included. No Idea apparently took him up on the offer.

The liner notes point out that their music wasn’t a revolutionary new style, but I hardly think that matters. There’s a vibrancy and sincerity here, and you can hear it clearly. The energy and emotion and friendship shines through. These are the sounds of a great, relatively overlooked punk rock band circa 1991-1995. Gritty, catchy, and sincere. I’m glad this was dug up.

No Idea Fanzines and Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604;

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