Free Air 2

Free Air 2

Various Artists


High-caliber, high-risk music to accompany any proud broken clavicle, smashed orbital, or snapped femur. As you can guess, Free Air 2 takes great pleasure in providing a highly charged backup for any death defying stunt. Motorcross happens to be the focus here. Apparently popular with the motorcross thugs are the hard rockin’, hard hoppin’ thugs. Powerman 5000, Method Man and Redman, Sevendust, Deftones, Slipknot, and Innercourse cough up blood on the first half. Inspectah Deck, Machine Head, Relative Ash, Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr, Amen, Reveille, Primer55, and Heavy Loud pass stones the other half. Sounds like fun, huh! Blow an eardrum and join the rest of the thrill seekers who bleed for sport.

GoBig Records, 301 W. 17th St., Suite Six East, New York, NY 10011

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