Absurdist Disco


On the heels of the surprise hit “Arpeggiator (Demo),” Fugazi have worked with some of the world’s top techno and dance producers to create Absurdist Disco , a dance mix collection of the most popular Fugazi songs. The band are currently planning a world rave tour to celebrate the release. Details are sketchy, but it will occur sometime this summer, be outdoors, and be called something-Palooza.

Absurdist Disco brings new life to songs that were going stale after years of hard touring and incessant listening by over-enthusiastic fans. I, for one, could hardly bring myself to put an old Fugazi record on ever again, but these new mixes are just the thing to make me start listening to Fugazi again.

“Waiting Room” sounds so fresh thanks to a tempo boost and a repetitive house beat which lasts the whole song. The same can be said for “Facet Squared,” “Repeater,” “Foreman’s Dog,” and “Bed for the Scraping.” In fact, all sixteen songs on this record are served up with the same fast thumping, innovative, synthesized rhythm. I only wish there weren’t two seconds between songs, so I could shake my booty without rest.

Also of note is that Fugazi have conceded their own fledgling record label interests in favor of Sony’s clearly superior empire. The band signed for a reportedly large sum of money after an expensive dinner on Sony’s tab. Once Sony takes their cut and all touring, video, and general band expenses are charged back against Fugazi’s cut, the band expects to be able to buy bicycles for Christmas.

If you’re like me, you’ll be first in line to fork over a day’s pay to see something-Palooza and don the latest Fugazi tour gear.

Sony Music, 550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022

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