Late For the Future


New Orleans funk is comin’ to get you again, with the third release from Galactic. Having solidified their place as a major force in funk and free-form live performance, the group has added a few new dimensions to their already diverse arrangements. Don’t be dismayed, as the recipe hasn’t changed, Galactic has simply added a few ingredients to further enhance the taste — same great funk, now with EXTRA flavor!

The most noticeable change is the increased vocals provided by Therry “Houseman” de Clouet. Until now, he had been reserved for a couple of appearances per album. He now fronts five of the fourteen new tracks. His deep, New Orleans’ funk roots really have a chance to shine on this album.

Jeff Gaine’s guitar work has also come into the forefront on Late For the Future , more so than past efforts. Though always a force in the Galactic sound, he now has the opportunity to kick in some leads and cool effects that work great with of the other member’s experimental efforts.

The band made another departure by including several guest musicians. “Century City” and “Action Speaks Louder” feature background vocals from Hollygrove, de Clouet’s former backup quartet. Theresa Anderson, a New Orleans singer and violinist contributes on “Villified.”

These changes in Galactic’s style and sound smooth and effortless and it’s this kind of creativity that will keep the band on the cutting edge and broaden their appeal. The beauty is, they still maintain their passion for the funk, and Late For the Future simply empowers the existing groove. Or as de Clouet put it, “We did this one for pure listening pleasure.” Pure and pleasurable it is, whether you get the album or take advantage of catching their phenomenal live show, you can’t miss when the funk’s as good as this.

Capricorn Records, 83 Walton St., Atlanta, GA 30033;

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