Gasolene was a band that existed in Melbourne, FL so many years ago. They toured the east coast and released a few seven inches and then disappeared, as bands sometimes will. Elegy was recorded before they broke up and never released.

Melodic hardcore reminiscent of some of what was going on in the early nineties, stuff that had grown out of the seed planted by bands like Embrace in the mid ’80s. Does this sound dated now? Of course. Styles change and grow. But sometimes it’s nostalgic to hear stuff like this again.

It’s the breakdowns and faster parts that give away the hardcore roots here but it’s the mid-paced melodic parts and the off-key vocals that give away the particular musical strata they existed in just as sure as carbon dating. What mattered most wasn’t whether the vocals were in key but rather how much of the heart was involved and what was being said.

Music like this was so much more powerful live. A recording rarely (if ever) captures the emotion and energy that comes from interaction. They did a pretty good job capturing what they could on this, but there are elements you just can’t put on tape, like the dance moves that must have been going on during a lot of these songs or the mass singalongs that I hope were going on during “Moments.” Just as good as so many bands that came through on tour at that time, perhaps better than some that weren’t as forgotten.

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