No Exit

Let’s see… how shall I begin to describe the power that emanates from this CD? Let me first say that it is hardcore, but not emo, not mathcore, not vegan stuff, just straight, balls-to-the-walls, in your face ’80s style HC. Inhuman hail from Brooklyn, the global center for hardcore. Much respect to you guys for keeping it real. It’s like a cross between Sick of it All and early Suicidal Tendencies. Will this take your head off? Absolutely. I’ve already worn out the CD. The intensity does not stop at all. You’ll either be banging your head or throwing some elbows in the air. Production on this is killer, so be careful when you crank it, cause you will blow out the woofer with the heavy bottom end on this record. Finally, something that rocks and isn’t infected with rap overtones. My prayers have been answered.

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