I love records with a twist. Internal/External is the result of Paul E. Schuster recording electronic music and passing it around to local musicians for them to add their special touch. Of course, if you live in Olympia, WA, chances are your local musicians are going to be a talented bunch, and Featuring… contains contributions from the likes of Kathleen Hanna, Calvin Johnson, Slim Moon, and members of Unwound, Sleater-Kinney, the Evil Tambourines, and more. The standout track here is “Hope,” a slow-burning collaboration with Lois which smolders and smokes like a dying campfire on the moonlit night you first make out with your new girlfriend. “The Skin” features clever usage of a Donovan riff, and “I/E” (featuring Calvin Johnson on melodica) is almost ten minutes of inspired dub madness.

K Records, P.O.Box 7154, Olympia, WA 98507

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