Conquerors Of Armegeddon

Century Media

The second you pop this in your CD player, you will say, “damn, this drummer is awesome!!!” Full on death metal in the vein of Deicide. I wish the guitars were just a tad bit louder. At times, the drums do seem to stand out more than anything else, which can make for a headache real quick. I like this stuff, although every song does seem to blend in with the others. If you are looking for something to shake your foundation, put this puppy in and crank it to 11. You’ll have the neighbors screaming in no time. Krisium are from Brazil and have been practicing their craft for a long time, and are ready for some recognition. Also worth noting, Erik Rutan helped with the production. (Um, he’s the guy from Morbid Angel). The guitar is fantastic, but at times, it gets drowned out by the DRUMS.

Century Media, 1453-A 14th St., Suite 324, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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