The Radio Goodnight


This cracks across the airwaves. Heavy as thunder, but light as a feather. Combining unique elements to create their own sound, M.I.J. have strengthened themselves considerably. As post-punk as this trio may be, there are also traces of influences that range from perhaps Pink Floyd, to Christie Front Drive… and Jeff Hanson’s vocals start where Jeremy Enigk’s leave off. Floating over the caress of the guitar and leaning into the curve of the drums. Pure energy radiates out, and the melodics cut through the speakers like a hot E string through butter. Careening between the indestructible rhythms and the unexpected stop start heart beats. With the beauty of dreams floating through the haunting melody of “Sometimes In Sleep,” this still makes me scream, like lightning.

Caulfield Records, P.O. Box 84323, Lincoln, NE 68501; http://www.caulfieldrecords.com

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