Night In Gales

Night In Gales


Nuclear Blast

Don’t let the feminine name fool you, Night In Gales are a full on death/thrash metal band. They remind me of At The Gates, and you know how awesome that band was. Night In Gales are little more dynamic, but there is nothing lost with their assault. With a two guitar attack coming at you, look out…here comes some metal…target — your skull. This band has the uncanny knack to have a gentle, Amorphis-like chorus, then jump into an awesome grit your teeth chunky hook. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing — like is this really what I’m hearing, or just a lucid dream? Well, I’m still single, so this music is the real deal. Phenomenal guitar work that will impress the John Petrucci (Dream Theatre guitarist — aka The Man) in all of us. Not only that, they do a cover of “Black Velvet.” Remember that song–“black velvet, with a whole southern smile… black velvet with a something something yadda yadda”? Well, I never thought the song could sound so good until Night In Gales put their stamp on it. If you can afford only one CD this year, you need to get this one.

Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106;

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