No Use For a Name

No Use For a Name

More Betterness

Fat Wreck Chords

Remember when these guys were on New Age, back in the day? Whoa, they were almost hardcore back then… they had a little edge to them. Now, they have violins. Hey, I played the violin. It is a beautiful instrument, but… nevermind. They actually have a “sound” in the melodic hardcore genre. If smooth vocals and fast punk rock turn you on, tune in.

Actually, I have a story to tell, so sit back and relax. About four years ago, I went to see Quicksand and these guys at the Edge in Orlando. Now, this show was rather large… so big that they had to have it in the field next to the Edge. Now, why was it so large, you may ask? Well, a certain Epitaph band by the name of the Offspring were the “headliners.” What a joke. Anyway, there were all these middle-aged people hanging out all over. I’m talking ladies in high heels and guys named “Stu” walking around. It was weird. Oh, and Quicksand rocked the damn house and No Use wasn’t so bad. The Offspring sucked though, but probably made a lot of money.

Fat Wreck Chords, P.O. Box 193690, San Francisco, CA 94119-3690

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