The Ponga Remixes


When I first saw this, I admit, I was hesitant. What would all of these vicious remixers do to this nimble, jazzy improv quartet? How would Bobby Previte’s amazing drummer fare against these programming wizards? After listening, I can say well to the former and not very well to the latter.

The highlight on this disc is Amon Tobin’s Mosh Mix of “Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn.” Tobin transforms the tune into a frantic drill ‘n bass workout. Tobin retains the furious sax of Skreik that complement the manic drum flailing going on. Firing Bullets give “Liberace In Space” a thick, vacuuming drumline, while sounding very little like the original.

My only complaint about this comp is that few of the artists kept the original vibe of the tracks. Sure, they sampled the instruments, but you lose that nebulous something in the chopping up process. Nonetheless, this is an excellent comp that challenges the distinctions in jazz and electronic music.

Loosegroove, 501 N. 36th St., Suite 407, Seattle, WA 98103; http://www.loosegroove.com

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