Seven and Three Quarters ? HA!

Seven and Three Quarters ? HA!

Various Artists


A testament to the talent of big-headed people everywhere, this release intends to prove that not only are most big-headed people good actors, they also make mighty-fine musicians, and sometimes even great subject matter. Includes contributions by Dr John, Wynonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Todd Mohr, Merv Griffin, David “Fathead” Newman, Jason Alexander, Esther Rolle, and more. Highlights include Newman’s version of “Big Head Blues,” and Dr John’s “Dat Hat (Shore Look Funny on Dat Skinny Head).” Wynonna offers a funny yet loving tribute to Dan Blocker with “Hoss.” Sample verse? “I’ll bet you Little Joe would not want to know/ Why his momma’s labor was so quick.” O’Donnell and Merv Griffin duet in a big band version of “Baby Body Boogie.” All in all, a surprisingly solid release.

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