This is (I believe) a CD-R of recent tracks by the mad programmer himself. Solenoid is a purveyor of bouncy beats with an intelligent bent. None of that four-on-the-floor business, Solenoid gives us an album filled with skewed FX, quirky, jumpy beats, and bubbly melodies. The beats are never obtrusively complex though — Solenoid crafts tracks, which are, at their very root, pop tunes, and drapes them in ornate finery. “Greodont” is Aphex Twin-ish wholesomeness with its skittering beats and charming bleeps and bloops. “Nuprecon” takes things into downtempo territory through low-end throbbing and chimes. I’d imagine that this CD would be easy to obtain from the artist, just e-mail him at his address,

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