Solvently One Listens


Solvent is sweet. Not saccharine sweet, but pear/plum/apple sweet. That wonderful, nourishing sweetness that comes from lemonade on a hot summer day. Jello sweet.

Solvent has a penchant for old analog gear and synth-pop. These influences twined with his “Intelligent” techno background makes for a wholesome break from the coldness that seems to be sweeping the field. Indeed, the main appeal of this album is its innocent simplicity. The music is not overly dense, giving the melodies ample room to stretch out and play. The beats are often understated, which keeps the music from being overbearing. “Duckie” best exemplifies this. This song has a low, watery beat that lopes along while a mellow, almost sedate melody lies on top. “Ten Cent Teeth” is all jittery beeps and thumps, weaving its way this way and that. The most wonderful thing about “Solvently One Listens” is that there are no hidden agendas working against the listener. It’s just really great music, and that’s all it needs to be.

Suction, , 67 Simpson Ave, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4K 1A1;

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