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This self-titled CD from Atlanta’s Steep starts out with the eerie-sweet tune “A Perfect Lust,” which literally reeks of the hands of Collective Soul’s Ed Roland being involved. Not surprising at all, Roland is involved, and second from thanks to the band’s families, comes Ed Roland, Sugarfuzz Productions (Roland’s again!) and Collective Soul….in that order! “A Perfect Lust” features lead vocalist Joel Kosche huskily whisper-singing the sexy little tune that is a surefire hormone thrust engine. I can see the little girlies swooning as I listen to this tune, with the dream enhancing, spinning, melodic guitar parts that set your mind on a little pheromone high. Next up is “Breathe For Me,” which begins its journey down the auditory nerve endings with soft acoustics, and then the electric kicks in all whiney gentle which leads up to a harmonious chorus, followed by a chug-a-chug-a bass and almost military drum cadence. Track 4, “Hello Ecstasy,” has an almost Lennonish feel, along the lines of “Strawberry Fields,” with the psychedelic, slow swirling melody. The two other tunes, “Every Now and Then” (featuring Bryan Smith on sitar) and “Beginning To Fade” have the same lazy, soothing and melodious content as the three others, and keep the pace nice and even throughout the whole five song recording.

Steep has got a tasty, little combination going with songs that can cross from rock to alternative with ease. These guys will please the most discriminating Oasis, Counting Crows, Matchbox 20, Creed, or Collective Soul fans out there looking for a new band to latch onto and spend their music budget monies with joy. Great band. Can’t wait to see what they can do in a live performance! Need more info on Steep? Check ’em out at the Official Steep Web site –

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