Sunday’s Best

Sunday’s Best

Sons of the Second String 7″

Market Participant

The first side crunches in with a light sonic twist that makes me think of a mellower Mars Accelerator, but only slightly. More, it continues where their last EP, released almost a year ago, left off. The melodics are sharper, the leaps into unbridled guitar screams fly further. Sunday’s Best are consistently finding their own voice, losing the stain of influence, and moving towards their own place in this musical world. Thinking perhaps the edges on this recording are a bit rougher than they should be, the songs still push you across the highway. Staccato guitar solid beat. Vocals soaring over the onrush. An almost unforgivable teaser towards the next album. Hating the wait. Just remember to switch speeds when you switch sides. Nothing worse than emo chipmunks.

Market Participant, 11041 Santa Monica Blvd., PMB 302, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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