The Albanian Laundry Babes

The Albanian Laundry Babes

Merman Jesse!

Glide Path

An interesting mix of Eastern European “Nyaaah-nyaaah” music and sewage-tinged grunge. According to their press release, the Albanian Laundry Babes spent over two years recording this 10-song album because they kept having to replace members since their recording studio was located in the middle of a minefield. Now, however, they’re enjoying moderate success as their first release, “Comparing American Soldier’s Skidmarks” is receiving heavy rotation on the Balkan alternative radio stations — the ones that are left.

The listener is first drawn in by their seductive melodies, but soon realizes that they’re about as interested in what they’re doing as you are in having to count socks in front of them. Yet one continues to visit and revisit each song, picking up a newly-translated lyric here or there. But in the long run, the album — with songs like “Hunh? Sign, Please,” “Yes, We Shit Standing Up!,” and “We Do Not Wipe, You Silly Men” that get old after the initial playing — is only for those who have not been able to touch a woman for six months.

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