The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf

An Orchestrated Rise to Fall

Music Fellowship

I could go on about how wonderful the band Tristeza is, but here I’ll just say that Jimmy Lavalle is just as beautiful and brilliant on his own. Think Twin Peaks soundtrack remix. Indie rock techno. Drum & bass for the hipsters. Classical and modern coexisting in the space of a sound, in the space it takes to smoke an unlit cigarette. This music could last forever. It’s the soundtrack to your life with some sound bites of someone else’s. It’s minimal in composition, yet overflowing in texture. Wider than the speakers, it moves from guitar to heart to piano to break apart against unopened window. It’s raining outside. The Album Leaf plays, and you can pretend there’s a circus outside, a carnival inside, a dream in the air, a friend in the stereo.

Music Fellowship, PO Box 120289, San Diego, CA 92112;

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