The Four Charms

The Four Charms

Flatland Boogie


When Jimmy Sutton, celebrated bass player and co-founder of the Mighty Blue Kings, puts together a band, you know it’s going to be good. After a year and a half of simply recruiting members, the Four Charms has finally been realized. They’re a quartet playing with the smooth swing/jazzy feel of the Mighty Blue Kings, but with an emphasis on musicianship, a touch of Stray Cat rawness, some soul rhythm-and-blues, and a vocalist that sounds somewhat feminine. Yet even in a time when the trend isn’t going their way, these guys put together an album that can shine far after the neo-swing died away.

The reason is because Flatland Boogie ‘s got soul. These songs are written in style and you can distinctly hear how the musicians love it, unlike listening to some neo-swing bands where you can hear the musicians loving the money. A treat for jazz enthusiasts and straggling dancers alike, they even cover their bases of influences, doing interpretations of the Skeets Tolbert/John Alston tune “Hit That Jive Jack” and the Five Blazes’s “Chicago Boogie.” If you liked the Mighty Blue Kings, you’ll love the Four Charms. And if you’re late on the swing train, this band is a great time to catch on.

Hi-Style Records, 2142 N Campbell, Chicago, IL 60647

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