The Hookers

The Hookers

Black Visions of Crimson Wisdom

Scooch Pooch

For their second release (by my count), the Hookers have taken a turn down. Down as in “Hell.” That is, they’re about as evil as a mutant Motorhead and Slayer meet Elvis Hitler kind of band can get. This is so evil, I think they attend human sacrifices.

Lyrically, it’s all about riding down the highway with a full-on power migraine of evil. Did I say this was evil?

“Behold God’s Candy” seems to be a call to arms for 21st-century highwaymen, with the killer lyrics, “…Rollin’ down I-75 with a shotgun in my lap/Takin’ back what once was mine and killin’ everything in my path/Take another hit from the dashboard/Take another drink of wine/’Cause when tomorrow hits, baby, I’ll be doing time…” Man, is someone willing to pay the price for revenge, or what? “Who Will Survive” (“…Ain’t got a hope in hell/Truck drivin’ hate survivin’…”), “Maximum Overdrive” (“…And bound a victim to all those who call my name/And through the past and present worlds I ride, I am the same…”) and “Ride the Dragon to the Crimson Light” (“No backin’ out for the roll of the dice/Death be a woman, I will ride the night tonight…”) celebrate the life of the modern-day anti-hero — the man who must do wrong to bring justice to those unfortunate enough to cross his path… No one is innocent!

This theme is balanced with several “confusing” songs. “Beyond Evil,” well, that one seems to fit into the before-mentioned category, so does “Hell Bent;” let’s try “The End Is Comin’.” Yep, wow! The anti-social outcast now sees the vision of Revelation — too late! Finally, there’s “Into Glory Ride,” with its vision of “children of the night” riding into “glory” (“heaven”?).

A damn hard-driving metal album this is, and they even go so far as to print “DEATH TO FALSE METAL” on the back cover!

Scooch Pooch, 5850 West 3rd St., Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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