The Mister Koffee Experience

The Mister Koffee Experience

Jim L. Swims with the Fishes

Radar Screen

Violent hardcore from an extremely violent part of Eastern Europe. The band’s credo is “We aren’t just violent, we are violence.” The band travels with a troupe of sappers whose sole task is to lay mines prior to a show — for a real mosh pit experience. The band’s influences are clear, as they’ve included a number of covers on this double-length EP; Carnivore’s “Race War” is covered at a blistering pace and terminates with the sounds of bombs and laughter. Their original songs have excellent violent titles like “We Kill for Death!,” “Violence for the Sake of Violence,” “The UNICEF Box of Murder,” “These are Split Dogs,” and “Are You Gonna Eat Them Fries.”

The title track, an extremely violent ditty, refers to Macedonian hazardous waste removal practices — and who’d better watch his step… I recommend this album to all people who appreciate creative violence.

Radar Screen Records, 100 Full-Plate Avenue, Monteith, Gjilane, Kosmet.

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