The Sensualists

The Sensualists

The Sensualists


One: I love the name. “Sensuality” is such a beautiful word, and people have a tendency to weigh it down with sexual/romantic crap. Long live the senses and their celebration. Two: I love the band. The Sensualists have a low-key electronic style, fronted by the silken-voiced Anna Fidler. Forsaking the high-energy approach most other bands in the field would take, the Sensualists build up their tracks layer by layer, beep by beep, into a richly textured quilt of sound — you can snuggle under it, get nice and warm, and lose hours exploring the different scraps of cloth and stitching. “Dips and Peaks” is about as dancy as it gets, with an “ah-ah-oo” chorus that sticks to your ears like warm lavender honey while samples and drum loops cavort around the room.

Audio Dregs Records, P.O. Box 40572, Portland, OR 97240-0572

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