The Shortest Distance

The Shortest Distance

A South Florida Compilation


Wow, this record is worth buying just for the awesome Scott Sinclair artwork on the cover. It seems that a lot of them South Florida bands don’t move around too much and have trouble getting a fan base (at least, that is what another Florida-based ‘zine reports). All I have to say to that is, move around, people. Oh yeah, well, maybe I should move around more, you might say? Damn, I’m busy enough getting to go to shows around here. Come on up. I’m inviting all of you. Have a fest or something. Anyway, A New Found Glory sounds like the Discount demo tape, which is pretty damn good. Where the hell did I put that tape? I remember hearing about Quit back in the day, but I guess they are now broke up? They are also rock worthy. Fay Wray = Florida Weston. There seems to be a lot of the NOFX type bands down south, also: Milkshed, the Agency, Caught Inside, Foolproof, Last Minute, One + One. Where is the metal? I thought South Florida was all about the METAL!!!! There is also some ska by the King 7 and the Soulsonics and some acoustical stuff by Chris Carrabba.

Fiddler Records, P.O. Box 330667, Miami, FL 33233;

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