The Ziggens

The Ziggens

Live: Tickets Still Available


The Ziggens are a group whose talent and shenanigans shine on stage. Although most of their shows last an hour or less in a small club setting, they pack a wallop in a short amount of time. They are one of the most enjoyable acts to witness live because their formula is based on fun — amongst themselves, with the audience, or one of the unexpected metal cover tunes that could erupt at any given moment (case in point: their classic version of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” which is featured here). In fact, watching frontman Bert Susanka or guitarist Dickie Little cutting up might give you the impression they are a novelty act. However, upon closer inspection, these guys are rich in talent and could pretty much do anything they wanted to, but goofing around sure beats the “I’m a tortured artist whose music isn’t appreciated” approach! They can mix it up from the classic ’60s surf sound to good old So Cal punk, and do it well.

Much of the material for this release, recorded in early 1999, is taken from the bands’ successful Pamona Lisa album. There is a sprinkling of older tunes from Ignoe Amos and others. Don’t forget to slip the disc in your computer to get a visual tour of all things Ziggen, including photos, live clips, and merchandise.

If you live on the Eastern Seaboard, chances are you have not had the opportunity to see a Ziggens show, as they have only performed on the “right” coast a handful of times. If you have, you know how entertaining and fun they are live. Tickets Still Available gives you just enough of a taste to get the gist of what its about when the band hits the stage. Get to know what Southern Californians have been fortunate enough to experience for years: the Ziggens are one of the most entertaining acts around. Could this be the next Live at Budokan ? Is “Fat Charlie” the new “I Want You to Want Me”? Pick up Tickets and find out for yourself.

Cornerstone RAS, 16572 Burke Lane, Huntington Beach, CA, 92647-4538,

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